Do what you want to do. Don’t do what you don’t want to do. Stay out of trouble and don’t hurt people.

So after doing research on my colleges webpage I discovered I have been taking unnecessary classes. If I get back on track then this time next year I can be teaching preschool in a daycare. Then about two years after that, depending on how many classes I do at a time, I can be teaching in an elementary school. I just need to stay focused and not let distractions and work mess up my school work again! 

I love being super productive in the first part of the day so they end of the day I can be as lazy as I want and not feel bad :)

i keep thinking about going back to waitressing at the japanese steakhouse then changing my mind because anxiety. i know they’d hire me asap i just don’t want them to take advantage of me again and make me work a double almost every day and only give me one day off… that’s no way to live D: 

So update on the movie I was an extra in, I think they still are going to release the movie even after the accident. Everyone says the camera man died doing what he loves and the show must go on and it’s what he would want. I wonder if the camera was rolling as they went down…

I had to wake up early and drop off my boyfriend at work so I could go to work later and I stopped at my sisters house and fell asleep and I’m pretty sure I was lucid dreaming for the first time but it was a nightmare and it was terrifying.